As highly experienced furniture removalists in Sydney, we can provide expert advice on planning your home or office move. Proper planning will make your move smoother and far less stressful.

Here’s a handy checklist of things to do. We strongly suggest you print this out, stick it to your fridge or notice board and cross-off each item as you work your way down the list.

Things to do before the move:

  • Return Library books, videos etc.
  •  Collect dry cleaning
  •  Go through belongings and dispose of any unwanted items – Organise charity collections, a garage sale or take unwanted items to your local waste transfer station
  •  Keep menus so as to rundown your food stock from your pantry and fridge
  •  Dispose or use all hazardous chemicals as we can’t transport these e.g. pesticides, aerosols, LPG gas bottles etc.
  •  Organise re-direction of mail at your local Post Office
  •  Cancel deliveries of Newspapers, bottled water etc.
  •  Avoid watering your pot plants 1 day prior to the move.
  •  Send change of address notifications to family, friends and service suppliers, including:
    •  Friends and Family
    •  Banks
    •  Accountant
    •  School
    •  Local community services – Library etc.
    •  Clubs
    •  Electricity company
    •  Foxtel/Optus
    •  Gas company
    •  Insurance company
    •  Telecommunications
    •  Subscriptions
    •  Doctors and Dentists
    •  Vet

Better Home Removals furniture removal experts are available to help with any planning queries you may have in advance of your home or office move.

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“Jack was amazing. He went out of his way to help with both of my moves. His crew was polite, willing and very careful. Jack arrived on time and did not leave until both jobs were completed. I would not hesitate to recommend Better Home Removals..”