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Planning your move — 2 weeks to go

  From our experience in the industry we have thrown together a check list of things to do 2 weeks prior to your move to ensure a stress free relocation in the not too distant future:

  1. Arrange a babysitter for the moving day if required.  It is best if they’re out of the house completely, so you’re not distracted and they are safely out of the way.
  2. Ensure all library books and video rentals have been returned so they don’t accidentally get packed away
  3. If required, inform apartment concierge and discuss possibility of elevator reservation to ensure there are few delays on the day of your move.
  4. Arrange parking for the Moving Truck as close to your front door as possible.  Long carries can significantly lengthen the time taken to complete jobs.
  5. Start eating items in the fridge and pantry and try not to buy anything but essentials required for the next 2 weeks.
  6. Continue and complete packing, remembering the garage, shed or storage spaces as these are often over looked – making sure to write the room destinations on all the boxes for your new house.

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