Better – means being organised

Being well packed will reduce the time of your move and will simplify your unpacking at the new address!

Ways to help with your packing:

  • Use only strong removalist cartons. A box designed to hold breakfast cereals is not designed to transport your possessions or fragile items.
  • Use plenty of packaging materials, paper and bubble wrap. Towels and bedding can be used for extra protection.
  • Avoid packing fragile items at the top of boxes. Put a layer of padding on top of your precious items.
  • All boxes must be taped down flat (top and bottom).
  • Write “fragile” only on your fragile boxes (not every box can be on the top of a stack).
  • Write the room destination clearly on the TOP of the box.
  • An inventory list will be very helpful when unpacking, number each box and record the items packed in each.
  • If relocating to Storage; writing an inventory list and numbering boxes will assist you when you eventually leave Storage.
Important Reminder:

An “essentials” box is always good to have with you in your car on the day of the relocation with the following:

Kettle, coffee, sugar, long life milk, mugs, spoons, medications, snack food, can opener, soap, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, cleaning products, a plug, a torch, clean sheets and towels for use that night, remote controls, phones  and chargers and some clothing as though you’re heading away for the weekend.

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