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BHR Very Large Home Removal Job

At Better Home Removals no job is too small…nor too large.  Here’s the story of an interesting large removal job we completed recently.

A homeowner preparing to move house called us for help with their move.  They’d been referred to us by an existing client whom we’d had the pleasure of helping move home twice previously.  We love referrals; they’re great for everyone.  Our new client is connected with experienced removal professionals that their friends know and trust.  Previous clients get satisfaction from helping their friends through one of life’s most stressful times – moving home.  We at Better Home Removals get to bring our expertise to a busy family and help minimise any of that stress.  For us it’s always extra nice, knowing that we and our new already have a mutual connection – like an extended family.

This job was ideal for us.  New clients with a particularly complicated set of logistics to be managed.  Just the sort of challenge we enjoy.  They needed everything moved out of their very large home, deliver some of their goods into a much smaller temporary rental home and deposit the remainder into 30m3 of secure storage.  Later on, everything would have to be collected from the various locations and delivered back to their home which was about to be renovated.

Careful handling of precious possessions is a passion with Better Home Removals, and never was great care more required than with this most interesting of cargoes – a large and expensive collection of wine.  We had to carefully remove all of this wine, transport it and safely deliver it to secure temperature-controlled storage.  The main question that we needed answered was, did our client want it stored in private vaults which they could access and help themselves from?  Or, would they prefer managed storage while it was away from their home?  Managed wines are all logged and fully itemised when they are deposited in storage.  Clients can then pre-order some of their wines to be ready for collection whenever they require.

All jobs, small or large, have to be approached methodically and we arranged for all packing materials to be delivered on day one when four professional packers set about optimal packing of the large home – clothes hung neatly in our portable wardrobes, an abundance of bubble-wrap to protect the fine art and other precious objects, and ample cases with cardboard inserts to safeguard the wine.

Happily, our professional expertise was able to save this family some money.  During packing, my team leader advised the client that 30m3 of goods going to temporary storage, could be stored in the home’s basement, unaffected by the renovations.  We cancelled the storage unit and saved the client approx. $3000+ in storage fees for the year, plus costs associated with moving goods from home to storage.

On day two, four men loaded approx. 120m3 of goods into two 16 ton trucks, transported them to the temporary rental home, unloaded, unpacked, set up and organised everything for the family to move straight in.

The precious cases of wine were safely relocated into secure storage vaults on day three.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, beer buff or happy with a cuppa, we’ll get everything you need for your tipple of choice packed, moved and delivered to your new home safely.  Contact Better Home Removals to discuss how we can help with your next home or business move.

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