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Styling & Mirroring removal services for Sydney VIP's

Our ‘Mirror Imaging’ service ensures everything is where you expect to find it in your new location. No more searching for the spoons, the candles, the bottle-opener, the DVDs or whatever – they’ll all be in the corresponding drawer, cupboard, shelf, box or closet in your new home or office. We’ll take plenty of photos and make copious notes throughout the prepack stage and we’ll refer to them constantly during the unpack phase. Everything in its place and a place for everything – the precise place where you’d like them to be. 

Let us save you time and stress with our expert packing and unpacking teams performing a professional styling and a mirroring service for you.

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The best time saving removal service in NSW

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The home or office you’re moving out of has taken years of dedication and care to achieve its character, style and design.

Let our full service removalist team replicate that for you in a day or two! We pack, move, unpack and organise your new home for you so that you can focus on the important things.


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Perfect service for commercial moves

Better Home Removals have moved thousands of businesses across NSW.

Our Styling and Mirroring service is a favourite among business owners on the move.

Some examples of recent businesses who have used our styling and mirroring service are listed below:

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Keeping Sydney businesses on the move

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The NSW and Sydney economies, in particular, are vibrant and competitive. We love our customers as much as you love your customers and clients.

Our highly skilled and professional movers take care of your commercial moving needs so that you can stay on the move, delighting your customers and all the important things your staff need to focus on.