We pride ourselves in having a safe, experienced and efficient crew, however accidents can occur.

If you would like to be covered for accidental damage whilst in transit, please contact your current home insurance company or insurance broker, or alternatively follow the link below to receive a quote.

On March 10th 2001 the “Financial Services Act” came into effect.
Under this act it is against the law for anyone other than an Australian Financial Services Licensee , to advise, sell or arrange insurance on someone else’s behalf.
Only the owner of the goods can insure their goods against accidental damage.

This also relates to transit insurance being offered to clients under the companies policy as it is in breach of the provisions of this act.

Therefore you may wish to contact your preferred broker or insurance company to ensure your goods are covered by insurance while you are relocating your home or if preferred insurance can easily be arranged by phone with Associated Marine Insurers on 1800 009 796 or by web at

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