Here at Better Home Removals we live by our motto – Better Planning – Better Attitude – Better Results.  From our experience in the industry we have thrown together a check list of things to do 8 weeks prior to your move to ensure a stress free relocation in the not too distant future;

  1. Find an old book, or purchase a new binder to keep notes and build to-do lists for the big day.
  2. Obtain a floor plan of the new home and start deciding where household goods will be placed, and determine any items that will no longer be required remembering that more stuff = longer job = more money.
  3. Make an inventory of all items to be relocated, and what is to be taken elsewhere.  This ensures you’re organized and is a list that can assist your removalist company in better tailoring the relocation for you.
  4. Contact Better Home Removals to start arranging dates for the move. :)
  5. Research into insuring your goods throughout the relocation and if storage is required obtaining quotes for the time period from different suppliers will ensure you get value for money.
  6. Finally at this stage you need to start look at what packaging     materials are required, and start ordering them to ensure packing can start promptly closer to the move date.

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