Prestige home removal Upper North shore

4 Blokes, 2 Trips, 1 Truck

At Better Home Removals logistics matter and we work closely with you in booking the optimum number of men, vehicles and trips to ensure your move is as cost-effective as possible. On one recent move that worked out to be 4 strong men and a single truck making 2 trips to complete the job in the shortest possible time.

What a job it was too. From a beautiful, grand home in Hunters Hill, to an equally lovely new location. The house was filled with a family’s precious antiques and treasured items, passed down and loved over many years and needing protection for future generations to enjoy. The spacious garden was adorned with assorted statuary and other stonework e.g. angels, bird baths, fountains and tables. All of which present particular challenges when moving – challenges that Better Home Removals are expert at overcoming.

Many of the outdoor items were in particularly fragile condition after many years exposure to the elements, especially our harsh Australian sun. A number – tables, bird baths and fountains – had to be dismantled prior to moving. An especially hazardous undertaking given their apparent fragility.

BHR trucks carry around 100 blankets as standard, with more available if required. Each delicate item, whether from indoors or out, is given special care and copiously blanketed to maximise protection on the journey to its new home. Lifting and carrying is minimised by moving items on wheeled ‘dollies’, reducing strain on the items themselves and on the guys loading the truck.

One of the major difficulties in transporting such items is that they can’t be stacked. The number and size of the pieces in this instance necessitated the second trip, as we couldn’t stack the truck from floor to ceiling in the normal way. Unusual circumstances require diverse solutions.

The pay-off at the end of a busy day was sharing the family’s great joy in seeing all of their much loved and undamaged objects safely positioned in the beautiful grounds and placed within their new home.

The BHR crew, though tired and sore at day’s end, went home with a satisfied smile and the thanks of a grateful family for a job well done.

Better Home Removals are skilled in moving all kinds of households and offices. Contact us for more details and discuss how we can help with your next home or business move.

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